Welcome to Exploring Observations with Sam Paxinos, a public notebook which explores human observations and thoughts using visual mental models

This is a place for exploration of observations, packaging them into ideas using graphics and visuals, you could call them mental models. These thoughts are centred around human decision making and choice, with a focus on decision making and strategy.

A mental model is developed by observing patterns within real world contexts, they’re constantly tested and refined over time. Mental models help you get to the answer, they don’t give you the answer. They’re the gateway to first principles thinking, helping make choices easier, and better over time.

Some of my models will be totally original, others will pick up, or build on existing ideas. There’s no ‘right answer’, as I hope to improve and adapt many of these models over time. The aim is to make all models evergreen and stand the test of time for usefulness.

I’ve used and built a range of mental models for starting multiple businesses, testing new ideas and projects, business consulting and investing. All of these models are in constant development, so I’d like to share them as I go along.

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Sam Paxinos | Exploring Observations

Building visual mental models to help you think: Decision Making + Strategic Thinking + Building Products